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Star Trek Tour Photographs and article ©Copyright 2008 Richard Anderson.
All Rights Reserved.

Star Trek The Tour

I first heard about Star Trek The Tour from my wife. She told me she had a surprise for me and I was going to love it. I was pretty bogged down with work and related responsibilities and wasn’t that excited about it. I was busy on the computer when she came home and revealed the 2 tickets. I wasn’t impressed and acted excited anyway because it was a really thoughtful thing to do. the original phasers and other propsI’m a star trek fan and even have the first 2 seasons on DVD(gifts), but I didn’t go to conventions and had never worn a Star Trek shirt or even had friends that loved Star Trek. I thought to myself, how good could it be? Was it a stage musical pathetically trying for Broadway? A couple of weeks later it was time to go and I to be honest I didn’t even want to go, but she did buy the tickets and she was even willing to go.

We arrived in Long Beach, waited in line and entered the convention center. Immediately we were greeting by some staff wearing what looked like Star Fleet uniforms from the last installment of the TV series “Enterprise”.  As we walked into the main area and started to look around I began to realize that this was no small presentation! This was an incredibly well designed and spectacular event. the time portal ring from city on the edge of foreverWithin a few minutes I felt the semi-dormant Star Trek fan in me rushing to the surface. This was a GREAT showing!  Some of the things immediately apparent were the original uniforms worn by the original cast of the first Star Trek series inside acrylic tubes (almost like they were in a stasis field) I began to realize that there were some incredible artifacts in this show! Not just the artifacts from the first show, but original Star Trek artifacts from all the Star Trek series and movies. The uniforms were impressive, but to see the weapons, communicators and other props was really cool! I was really amazed at how well they had been preserved over the years and how they actually looked like real working devices. I never realized that they had been that well constructed. I was especially impressed by seeing Dr. McCoy’s medical bag and all the medical instruments and hypo spray.

 The Star Trek Tour doesn’t just have amazing Star Trek props and artifacts; there are actually 3D rides that simulate a trip in a shuttle craft and much more. You can even eat food and drinks with cool Star Trek names, served by women wearing cool sci-fi outfits.

I loved the whole feel of the show. It’s illuminated by cool blues, pinks and purple which almost gives you the feeling of being on a Star Trek set. the orginal costumes used on the showOh, I almost forgot one of the coolest parts of the tour! You can actually sit, and have your picture taken on an incredible recreation of the original and Next Generation Star Trek bridge. This isn’t a stinky half-hearted attempt to recreate those sets. The original series set, in particular, is fantastic! After waiting for about 10 minutes I got to sit in the Captain Kirk’s chair and it was an incredible experience! It all felt and looked so real. I almost felt like I was really sitting on the bridge of a real starship!

 The whole tour has much more content than I can cover in this short article and it’s really worth (in my opinion) more than the $35 admission. I loved it so much; I stayed 3 hours the first time. My wife even had a great time, even though she doesn't see herself as a real Star Trek fan, she loved the Voyager series and got to see the original costumes and props used by the cast (they even have Seven of Nine's costume).  A week later,  I came back with my brother and we stayed another 5 hours! We both had one of the best times ever and still talk about it.

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 the bridge of the enterprise