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Odd and Alien T-Shirts proudly offers a variety of strange, unusual and SCI-FI alien T-shirts that are original and unique. The alien, UFO, and science fiction fantasy T-Shirt art is done by artist Richard Anderson, who has been producing unusual space, alien and fantasy art for many years. This art often stands out for it's uniqueness and unusual color variations. shop here and here to see more of his artwork.

Some say our SCIFI and UFO designs are totally geek. What some say are totally geek, we say are totally cool! if you like SCIFI, Space and Kung Fu designs be sure to give our site a good look over and we're sure you'll find something to suit your personal taste.

Many people have no idea that we offer such a wide variety of strange, unusual and funny shirts. Many of our shoppers come for the Kung Fu, Martial arts and bigfoot wear that comtinues to be so popular.

Our T-shirts are produced using the highest quality materials and are 100% guaranteed.

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Are Aliens Visiting Us?

Many think so! Although most scientists say the distances from other habitable planets to our planet is to great to traverse, a large majority of Americans believe in UFOs and aliens. That belief is echoed around the world and the believers are increasing as main stream magazines and newspapers cover more and more stories about aliens and UFOs. Maybe the aliens are really coming here and use different ways of traveling than we can even conceive. Some scientists believe that with enough power, space itself can be bent, warped and manipulated to be used as a source of space travel from star to star. It is also speculated that maybe the aliens aren't coming a great distance to see us. Maybe the UFOs that we see in our skies are carrying interdementional beings that are simply living in one of the parallel dimensions, that we now know really exist. Although we can speculate forever about aliens and UFOs, one thing is for sure and that is that many credible people are seeing someone's spacecraft in our skies and maybe they aren't ours.

Do Bigfoot and Sasquatch Really Exist?

Whether bigfoot, sasquatch and Yeti exist is an important question to ask if mysterious cryptoids running through the wilds are of interest to you. Over the years many credible witnesses have come forth after seeing bigfoot and sasquatch in the wild. Thousands of footprint casts have been made and cataloged by countless and careful researchers. Yes, I would have to say they really do exist physically, at least at certain times and under certain conditions. When they are seen by individuals, it has a life-long impact on the witness that is unforgettable and sometimes causing an obsession that can derail a persons life. I've heard many ask."if bigfoot exist and die, where are the bodies?" It is a valid question, but as many say." absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." It's probably just a matter of time before sasquatch and bigfoot skeletons are available for all of us to see.

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